The Secret Wife of Louis XIV:
Françoise d’Aubigné, Madame de Maintenon
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 2009)

Pre-Publication Reviews

‘A lively, sympathetic portrayal of the woman who, against all odds, succeeded in taming the royal tomcat . . .’ (Editor’s Choice, New York Times Book Review)

‘Veronica Buckley is a wonderful storyteller, and this incredibly researched, enlivening biography of one of the most interesting women in French history will solidify her position among the best of biographers writing today. Buckley writes effortlessly, delving deeply into both the society of the day and Françoise’s entertaining story. A veritable page-turner, complete with the intrigue, court gossip, infidelities, and daily life of King Louis XIV, this wonderful biography will not disappoint.’ (San Francisco Book Review)

‘...a cultural and political history of 17th-century France... a majestic view of a splendid, sordid century... It is this taste for historical texture that makes The Secret Wife the marvelous thing that it is.’ (Washington Times)

‘Buckley’s biography is a page-turner, engaging and witty, stylish, intelligent, and often humorous—much like Françoise herself... An enjoyable and educational read.’ (Historical Novels Review)

‘This real-life fairy tale is told with flair and compassion.’ (Christian Science Monitor)

‘...a graceful, vivid portrait of a woman of intelligence and dignity’ (Publisher’s Weekly, starred review)